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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Americans Don't Want To Work

I should probably create a separate page for Didodi. I have a need to talk about things other than Instant Payday Network. It's like going home and talking about work all day. Nobody's trying to hear that. I'm a movie lover. The only reason for me to work at all is to make money for the movies I want to make. THAT'S IT!

I have too many stories and ideas floating around in my head to be all jacked up working hours upon hours for someone who doesn't give a damn about my life's passion. If you're okay with it, be my guest. Just don't expect people like myself to slow ourselves down to working for $8.75 an hour loading boxes or Pepsi bottles or relaying administrative data trying to ensure someone else's company survives another financial debacle like 2008. In fact, as very few people know, just because unemployment percentages went down it doesn't mean what people are lead to believe. All they did was split people's hours and make everyone part time employees so they'll never have to give you any benefits or even lunch breaks.

If these are the type of people the majority of this nation want to stand in crowded lines for a chance to work for when they have many other options then it is time to take business elsewhere. IPDN is open to the UK and Canada and EN is open to the world. This means I have a very large stage on which to present and share my feelings and thoughts on the brainwashing and enslavement of a nation that doesn't seem to care. Entertainment is all most of the people I deal with care for. And as someone with a deep passion for movies, even I know when to switch over to business mode.

Since I have been working from home I have met more than the amount of people I care to count who all spoke a big game and in the end never did a damn thing. I have had managers from actual companies express the same feelings of today's job seekers. Many of them talk a big game and the ones that talk the most are usually the ones to do the least. These people don't have to join my program but do something. I have spoken to people about the opportunity our program offers and people talk about all their life goals and how they are going to accomplish this and that. Then I offer those same people a chance to make $58 for each person they invite to try a free offer and they can't even do it. But what's worse is to have those same jokers call me back months later because they are still looking for work. Then I present this FREE offer to them again and they still don't move a muscle.

This is becoming very irritating. I am being lead to believe that most Americans want a government check so they can get paid to sit at home watching lame ass Maury Povich and eating Hot Cheetos. It's sad but I don't feel bad. If you are sinking in the ocean and I pull up on a boat and offer you a ride and you tell me God is going to save you, you are going to drown. Point blank. So, stop blaming the economy because it is all in your hands. I am not here to make you feel better or worse about your situation. I am here to tell you that you have options and it is up to YOU to make a decision to change it. Stop blaming others for what you aren't willing to do.

If you claim to be serious about wanting to get out of poverty but you sit in a house with internet access and a computer but all you do is watch YouTube then you are not serious at all. If you want to make a real positive impact on your situation then do something you haven't done yet and listen to the people who have what you want because you aren't going to learn how to get it from the people who don't have it. So, check your circle because if you hang around 4 broke people you WILL be the 5th.

So, I will do what I hate doing and repeat myself with what I put on every post. If you claim to be serious about wanting more time to do the things you love while you are able to make money click the link and get started. All you have to do is complete a free trial and you can cancel it and never be charged a dime. And don't try to sell me stories on what they are going to do with your information or how difficult canceling is going to be. You are only fooling yourself with that noise. You cannot tell me what my experience was. I am telling you. You have NO excuse. Because when I did it I was on unemployment and I used that very BofA card they give you to get started. After I did it I dropped my unemployment and never looked back. Do you have it in you to do that?

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Didodi and You

Hello World!

I hope everybody enjoyed the first DiDoDi TV releases of the short comedy film "Resolution" and a message pertaining to Instant Payday Network from the man Jeff Buchanan himself. That was a real treat. I want you to be able to feel comfortable when you are watching DiDoDi TV. This is why I am aiming for the entertainment I post to the channel to be family friendly and informative. So, with that said I am very happy to announce the next 2 video installments to the DiDoDi channel.

Tonight on DiDoDi (YouTube) I will be posting 2 informative videos. The first one will be a clip of me. The video is in regards to Instant Payday Network, of course. I did the video to welcome everyone to the business and the channel. The second clip is from a film by Maverick Media who you can also follow on YouTube. It is a short clip from the film they created called "Will Work For Free" which goes into detail explaining and showing how 99% of jobs will all soon be automated thanks to all the technological improvements that have been made.

I would like you to take the time to view both videos. Each video may be just what you need to hear to understand that maybe this slaving over work situation is not your only option. Maybe you shouldn't be hurt or afraid of the fact that some other person who knows nothing about your home life is in charge of whether or not you get to maintain your living style for you and your family. There is a much better and easier way.

Look at it like this. If you were back in elementary school and you were told you had to spend 15 minutes in class and the rest of the day they want you to go play and interact with one another and work on whatever you want because you are going to learn just as much either way, what would you say? Would you complain that they aren't giving you enough work and that you need to feel their pressure on your back in order to get things done? I can promise the other kids will not like you if you do that and they might beat you up. I can also say that you would have it coming if you did that. So, when someone offers you an opportunity to make a lot more money in a lot less time all pressure free you need to stop thinking about it and jump at it. That is the message I am here to deliver. I no longer listen to people's work complaints because everyone has an option. If your job treats you like a joke, leave.

If you are an individual who is serious about making a financial change for the better without always worrying where your next bit of money is going to come from then you need to join us and stop trippin' like that. This system is FREE! I shouldn't have to say that in 9 different languages to get the point across. IT'S FREE! Therefore you have no reason to not do it. Visit and get rolling.

Please watch the video and subscribe at

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Friday, January 24, 2014

DiDoDi TV (YouTube)

Hello World!

I am very happy to introduce the first Di Do Di channel premiere presentation of "Resolution". This is a short film that I helped out on and landed a small role. Believe it or not I was asked to play the lead male for the movie. I believe they made a good choice. "Resolution" was written and produced by Jessica Benz and directed by Diana Irwin. I feel extremely privileged to have work with them on this project. Along with the release is a quick message from my friend, Jeff Buchanan, the creator of Instant Payday Network.

You're gonna love what you see!

"Resolution" also won the Audience Favorite Award at our local film festival for 2013, which was a real blast. First to see yourself and your name on a big screen is awesome but to know that everyone loved the work you contributed on is also quite accommodating. It was a red carpet night for sure. I felt like I was attending an Academy Awards show. Such a wonderful experience to be a part of.

Most of you may know me as the person who does Instant Payday Network and online marketing, but I do have other passions. One of my biggest passions is movies. That has always been a life goal and I did not know how I would reach it but I made it and it seems like I am only getting started. I cannot wait to do more. I would like to create entertainment for everyone simply for you to enjoy. Di Do Di TV (YouTube) can be the platform for that. Please remember to subscribe so that you will be updated on all new video releases.

I am also considering doing live YouTube sessions to assist everyone that I sponsor in Instant Payday Network. If I receive enough emails and enough questions I will do a live session to help out anyone in Instant Payday Network who needs help getting started or learning a few marketing strategies. It is truly the easiest thing in the world to make money with and it's free. There is no beating that.

So, I would like to leave you with this production piece "Resolution" for this DiDoDi TV channel premiere presentation. Stick around and watch Jeff Breakdown our program so that you too can start making money as soon as today. I hope that you find the mix up on DiDoDi TV (YouTube) from marketing to entertainment to be an enjoyment.

To join Instant Payday Network with me today go to

If you are not in Canada, USA or UK you can visit

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And now...  DiDoDi TV presents... It's Youtube channel premiere movie... "Resolution"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Didodi Mario Warfare

So, I was surfing around online and the place where I usually do that is YouTube. Well, while I was on the I came across a series of videos called Mario Warfare. Now, understand that the only reason I play video games at all is because of Mario. Mario and I have been through a lot together. Mario Warfare is a live action series that was based mostly on the premise of the earlier Nintendo games that came out in the 80s.

There are many video game and movie references throughout the series. One thing that I think a lot of fans will really enjoy is the Smash Club episode. "The first rule of Smash Club is you don't talk about Smash Club." Each character is done very well and they didn't try to go overboard with make up and effects but enough to get you into it and still see it as believable. As far as for what those are characters are supposed to be. This movie turns the Mushroom Kingdom on it's head. But I think I am getting ahead of myself when I start talking about Smash Club.

The first episode begins with Bowser invading  Princess Peach and the King's castle. Toad is the protector of the princess and he does a great job taking out Shy Guys in an "Equilibrium" type of gun Kung Fu. Quite awesome. Whoever was in charge of the stunt work did an excellent job. Another thing I found interesting is that they did use Shy Guys over Goombas even though the Goombas are a bit more infamous. 

Each episode is better than the last. So far the series is up it's 6th episode with part 7 already in the works. When will it be released? No one can say. But I can say that after seeing what I've seen so far seeing more being added to the series would be a crazier dream come true than Super Mario Bros. 2.

Take a look at the first Mario Warfare episode right here on and please hold all judgement until you do. Be sure to save this with all your Mario loving friends out there and let's keep a close watch out for part 7.

Till next time, folks!


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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Didodi The Rogue

Hello World!

Take note of the individual not saluting. He is the rogue.

Many people have been made to feel that there is no way to get ahead or alter their situation for the better. When people are made to feel this way they may find it easier to simply give in and go along with the crowd, or the tide of life. Since we are all social creatures it stand s to reason that we ought to go along with what the majority of people are in favor of. But remember to always ask, how does what you support serve you?

It isn't always easy to give in and go along with a crowd. Sometimes a person can go through a lot of anguish from trying to conform and fit in. The key to doing this is to mask who you truly are and let go of what you truly want so that those around you are not made to feel uncomfortable by you. When someone is doing everything they can to bottle up who they are deep down it can cause a lot of pain and confusion. Things never seem to set right no matter what you do. There is always that hunger to want to stretch beyond any and all of your current limits in life, whether they be financial or emotional.

Just because the picture above is obviously old it is just as relevant today and applies to how people choose to live everyday. A lot of people allow society to dictate how far they are going to go in life. People allow television and music to control their lives so not to have to think about things too hard, but already have a recording to rely on to help answer all of life's challenges. No matter where you go in public the majority of the people out and about have on headphones or a blue tooth device. Rarely do you see anyone taking a walk merely to enjoy the day. Even the way we work is done to appease what other people think we ought to be doing.

A person will be willing to put in a tremendous amount of hours throughout a week to get a job done for someone else. People are taught growing up that this is how money is made. Working for others. And obviously it is impossible to know what you have not yet learned. Many people think and are taught that they have to work long hard hours for other people in order to make  money. Well, who do the employers work for? Someone had to start the business. And that is precisely what people need to learn if they want to make it.

All jobs are temporary. It is important for a person to learn how to make money without relying on a job. Any work a person does ought to be a work of passion. When you put your time into something you are putting yourself into it. If you are putting yourself into something it should be something you love. All the guys can steal that last line and use it on any girl they want. Just kidding. Just joking. I just wanted to break up all the seriousness, but, truthfully, this is as serious as it gets. Everyone needs to find a way to support themselves without relying on a job  When you pursue work it needs to be work that you are going to love yourself for doing. If you feel like you are already stuck in a job you hate you need to use their money to buy your way out from under them and start running your own show with your own employees. Remember this advice and start doing what needs to be done to get your time back and become your own boss.

History, many times, has favored the rogues.

For anyone who is serious about financial freedom and breaking away from a crowd going nowhere click here now!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Didodi Passions

Hello World!

I am hanging out watching "The Stuff". Remember that old 80s movie about the white goo everyone was eating and then it ate them from inside out? Okay, well, if you haven't seen it that's fine because I missed this one, too. This is my first time. I like all kinds of crazy movies.

Speaking of movies, very soon on DiDoDi tv on YouTube, I will be uploading the first DiDoDi channel presentation. I hope all of you, who watch it, like it. The movie is a short film that won the Audience Favorite Award at the October 2013 Sacramento Film Festival. It's a comedy and suitable for all ages. I am very happy to be able to bring this to the DiDoDi channel especially as it will be the channel's initial presentation and I will continue to do my best to keep the quality of programming up to par with DiDoDi standard.

As many of my readers know, along with my marketing, I also do film work and promotion. The majority of what is made when new marketing members join Instant Payday Network through me at goes right back into promoting and marketing. Making movies has always been a dream of mine that I am finally realizing. I have started doing all the things I love! All of the things that have taken place have helped me to align myself with certain frequencies in life that are helping me to attract my life dream of making movies. It almost feels like a miracle.

When you tune in to DiDoDi tv on YouTube during our channel launch I really hope you like the way we do things. You can go to Di Do Di on YouTube and subscribe now so you will be notified the announcement for the channel's launch. We will start with our first movie and follow up with an Instant Payday Network promotion. Keep in mind that joining this program is free so you will never spend a penny if you choose not to. Either way, I get paid very well for anyone who completes a simple free offer whether you choose to work this as a business or not. If you do you will find yourself making money without trying hard at all.

I use my business to support and fund my dream. What will you use it for? The possibilities are endless! You can make all of your dreams come true when money starts coming in everyday and you find yourself with much more time to devote yourself to the things you truly love and be able to fund your passion. And all it takes is writing content like this that people will read. Instant Payday Network is the perfect tool to use to put money in your hands for you to fund your passions whatever they may be.

Maybe you want to make movies, or music. Maybe you'd like to take a vacation when you want to with who you want to, or attend more public social outlets that you enjoy. It is all possible using this free Instant Payday Network program. The marketing system that you receive when you join the program is the true sell and everyone who eventually joins knows this. The free products you try out to join this program now you understand are simply an extra gift for getting in. You don't even have to keep nor pay for any of them.

So, if you are having trouble deciding whether or not to join "Instant Payday Network" right now or "Empower Network" too, your best option is to go with what feels right and appears to be the smart decision to get involved immediately. There's nothing more involved than a small invest of time on your part to get in. Do it now and get it out of the way and start working toward your own big life goals, people.

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